Payment by credit card

Any order placed on the website must be paid immediately in euros by credit card. The accepted cards are : CB®, Mastercard®, Visa® and American Express®.

Payment security

Payments are made through Crédit Agricole, a bank recognized by the main players in the financial world and its Mercanet e-commerce solution. This solution has been developed so that you can make your payments in an ergonomic and user-friendly environment, with optimal security and respect for privacy. 

Mercanet e-Commerce is the payment solution adopted by several thousand online commerce sites. Payment servers are protected by firewalls, access to databases is strictly controlled, sensitive data is encrypted. All sensitive information collected is encrypted according to SSL standards. It is impossible to access the payment pages if you are not connected in secure mode.

Your credit card number is only transmitted to the financial institution that carries out the transaction. Communications with financial institutions are done according to the transmission and security protocols imposed and certified by these financial institutions. Only the financial institutions of the merchants responsible for the financial execution of the transactions can transmit the card numbers to the merchants.

3D Secure

Payment security is further enhanced by the use of the 3D Secure system: this system is also known as "Verified by Visa®", "MasterCard® SecureCode" or "American Express SafeKey®". During the payment process, the bank asks you for personal information in order to verify the identity of the cardholder and to validate the transaction.

It is only when the 3D Secure code is entered and validated by your bank that the order is finalized. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail. The authentication is specific to each bank. For any question concerning the 3D Secure code, Graine de Pastel invites you to contact your bank directly.