Can I pay securely online?

The payment on our site is perfectly secure. All the data that you communicate to us at the time of your payment are protected and encrypted by the SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer). We do not have access to your banking data, they are transferred in a coded and secure way to our bank.

What payment methods are available?

  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Carte Bleue and American Express (see How to pay by credit card?).
    For technical reasons, payment by American Express is impossible.
    We do not accept VISA Electron and Maestro cards.
  • Cheque (see How to pay by cheque?)
  • PayPal (see How do I pay for my order with PayPal?)
  • Gift certificate (see How do I pay for my order by gift certificate?)

How to pay by check?

The check must be issued by a bank domiciled in France:

  1. Make your check payable to Graine de Pastel
  2. Note your order number on the back of the check
  3. Send it by registered letter to the following address:
    Graine de Pastel
    4 place Saint Etienne
    31000 Toulouse

Your items being reserved for 10 days, we recommend you to send your check as soon as possible. After this period, we will not be able to ship the ordered items. Your order will be validated upon receipt of payment and will be shipped within 3 working days after validation.

For orders over a certain amount, you may be asked to provide proof of identity, proof of residence or a bank cheque to validate your order.

Our aluminium packaging

We favor noble materials, such as aluminum, commonly used in cosmetics and in the food industry, for its conservation qualities and its infinite recycling. It is validated by ECOCERT and guaranteed without risk for health thanks to the presence of a protective varnish avoiding any direct contact between our formulas and aluminum.

Percentage of ingredients of natural origin in organic products ?

From 99 to 99.2%, the complement being the preservatives Benzyl Alcohol/Dehydroacetic Acid most commonly used and accepted by ECOCERT.

Which product to use during pregnancy?

The skin's sensitivity is increased during this unique period of pregnancy. It can evolve over the months and requires us to be very careful. For our nutritive and anti-aging skin care products, proceed with a preliminary test on a small area to verify the good tolerance before use. To our knowledge, there is no risk in using these products. On the other hand, our organic skin care range contains essential oils. As a precautionary measure, it is preferable not to use essential oils on pregnant women.

How are the raw materials as well as the finished products and new ingredients that go into our cosmetics tested?

We select most of our ingredients according to ECOCERT standards. As for our original raw material, woad oil, it is extracted from the plant, from a sustainable agriculture, by first cold pressing and is subject to prior microbiological analysis to ensure its perfect suitability for cosmetic use. None of our materials are tested on animals. All our products are subjected to dermatological and ocular safety tests, which are essential before being put on the market and guarantee the safety of our products.

How to know the expiration date of our care products?

The legislation does not require to indicate the expiration date on cosmetics. We have chosen to indicate the number of months during which the product can be used after opening. It is symbolized by an open jar on our labels and varies between 3 and 12 months depending on our products.

Is woad oil an essential oil?

Woad oil is not an essential oil but a vegetable oil. Indeed, essential oils come from the steam distillation of an aromatic plant. Vegetable oils come from the cold or hot pressing of the oleaginous fruits of a plant and are composed of fats.

Woad oil is obtained by cold pressing the precious woad seed. A source of essential fatty acids (more than 40%), it is rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9, a unique combination that gives it excellent nutritive power and proven effectiveness on the skin's barrier effect and hydration.

What is the difference between alazado soap and queen blue?

The difference between Alazado soap and Queen Blue soap is only a difference in color. The color is obtained thanks to a combination of pigments including the pastel pigment extracted from woad leaves. Both soaps have the same fragrance, the same properties and contain 72% vegetable oil to prevent skin dryness.

What is the difference between natural and organic products?

The products in our organic range are certified organic cosmetics by ECOCERT, which guarantees products that are respectful of man and the environment. They contain at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin and at least 10% are from organic farming. These products are not colored and the perfume is composed of 100% essential oils.

What is the difference between the 2 hand creams?

These two hand creams combine woad oil with active plant complexes to intensely nourish and protect weakened hands.

The fragrance: the fragrance of these 2 products is different. The Protective Hand Cream has the brand's signature fragrance while the Organic Hand Cream distills the emblematic fragrance of the organic range composed of 100% essential oils.

The texture and the application: the protective Cream hands has a rich and unctuous texture which leaves a protective veil with the effect "second skin" while hydrating the nails. The organic hand cream has a fine nutritive texture which penetrates very quickly without leaving an oily film.

ECOCERT certification: The Organic Hand Cream is certified organic cosmetic by ECOCERT. It contains 99% of ingredients of natural origin and 10% of ingredients from organic farming. The Protective Hand Cream has been formulated in a natural way with 97% of ingredients of natural origin and 100% of natural active ingredients.

What is the difference between eau de toilette and eau de senteur?

Eau Graine de Pastel is a fresh and delicate eau de toilette to be sprayed on the neck, chest and wrists. It opens on a note of cut grass, slightly woody and blossoms on white flowers.

This fragrance is available in a fresh alcohol-free version: Eau de senteur, ideal for the most delicate skins, for children and for the summer season.

Packaging in aluminum tube

At Graine de Pastel, we pay the greatest attention to our formulas and their packaging.

Aluminum is a highly sanitary packaging. Totally hermetic, it has excellent barrier properties that protect the product from light, humidity, gases and microbes. Validated by ECOCERT, it is guaranteed without risk for health thanks to the presence of a protective varnish which forms a film adherent to the metal, continuous and inert avoiding any direct contact between our formulas and aluminium.

Moreover, aluminum packaging is one of the most ecological cosmetic packaging. It is a noble material commonly used in cosmetics and in the food industry for its conservation qualities and its infinite recycling. Aluminum is indefinitely and entirely recyclable, without altering its intrinsic properties. Its recovery allows to limit the energy consumption.

Can your products be used on children/babies?

For the use of products on children, cosmetic regulations require specific tests in addition to the tests required to authorize the use of products on adults. We do not currently perform these additional tests, so our products are validated for adult use. Except for the Eau de senteur, our alcohol-free Eau fraiche, for which we have conducted tests to ensure the safety of the formula for children from 36 months.